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The National Institute for Health Research in the UK has provided a 250,000 British Pounds ($460,000AUD!) grant to the royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to trial Dermatuff. The trial is andministered by Dr. Roy Powell.

Listen here to Dermatuff's inventor Peter Thornton being interviewed on February 6th 2014 on BBC Radio Devon.

STAR Skin Tear Classification System
Skin Tears - a Literature Review
Randomised controlled trial of protective stockings against usual care to reduce skin tears in high risk people living in care homes: a pilot study
Skin Tears - Baronowski (1.8MB)
Skin Tears - Australian Wound Management Association
Skin Tears - A Review of the Evidence
UK Clinical Research Network Study Detail: STOPCUTS
Testimonials from Dermatuff users

Frail Skin Fragile Skin Skin Tear
Examples of common thin tissue injuries

Better, Stronger and Safer with Kevlar® Fiber
It's about resilience, strength, saving the day, and helping keep people safe from harm -DuPont™ Kevlar®.

DuPont™ Kevlar® aramid fiber is used to make a variety of clothing, accessories, and equipment safe and cut resistant. It's lightweight and extraordinarily strong, with five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis. Best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor, Kevlar® brand aramid fiber has shown its own heroism in helping to save the lives of thousands of people around the world.

And since its invention over 40 years ago, things have only gotten better. DuPont™ Kevlar® continues to take on new challenges, with our scientists continuously innovating and working on a range of new opportunities through collaborations with communities, industrial manufacturers, and governments. Together we're bringing the strength and durability of Kevlar® to so much more. The result? Kevlar® aramid fiber is now successfully used in everything from vehicles and industrial clothing to fiber optics and city roads. And we're only getting started.

First developed by the Dupont Company in the 1960s, Kevlar is the strongest man-made fiber to date. Chemically, it is an aromatic polyamide fiber, or aramid, which combines high strength with a light weight. It neither melts at high temperatures nor shatters in freezing conditions.
These qualities originate in a production process that copies the way a spider secretes and spins the silk from which it makes its web. Kevlar's strength comes from a yarn made up of stacked sheets of molecules. A tight weave of this yarn produces an antiballistic material. In its various varieties, Kevlar is five times as strong as high-grade steel and twice as strong as common spider silk.

The first application of Kevlar was in reinforcing rubber tyres. The classification of subsequent Kevlar varieties depends on each product's uses. Such applications range from body armor to ropes and boat building.
Rock Climbers Dermatuff is even used by rockclimbers to
protect against abrasions and skin tears!
Protection from abrasions
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