Dermatuff - effective for thinning skin, weak skin or skin tears
Dermatuff fragile skin protection Thin Skin Protection TGA registered product

The National Institute for Health Research in the UK has provided a 250,000 British Pounds ($460,000AUD!) grant to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to trial Dermatuff. The trial is andministered by Dr. Roy Powell.

Listen here to Dermatuff's inventor Peter Thornton being interviewed on February 6th 2014 on BBC Radio Devon.
Radio Interview with Peter Thornton National Institute for Health Research

DermaTuff Introduction from HealthSaver on Vimeo.

Thin Skin
Don't let the fear of skin tears, thinning skin or weak skin restrict you: use DERMATUff professional thin skin protection.
Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
Thinning Skin Dermatuff thin skin protection sleeves Skin Tears Weak skin
A slight bump against a low table, a stumble on the staircase, an over-enthusiastic dog can cause the most horrendous leg injury requiring an ambulance call out, a visit to the surgery or hospital and take weeks to heal. Untreated a leg ulcer can rapidly develop.

The root cause is 'Thinning Skin', 'Fragile Skin' or 'Weak Skin'. In fact everybody gets thinning skin on their legs and arms as they get past the age of 60. Already weak skin gets weaker as the years advance so that by the age of 80 it can be like parchment and the skin tears worse and more frequent. With people who have taken steroids it can be an even bigger problem.

At last legs can now be protected by wearing our patented medically registered
DERMATUff skin tears protection stockings , or leg protectors and arms with our skin tears protection sleeves or forearm protectors.

  • The stockings look like any other 'below the knee' stockings.
  • They are not padded or cumbersome.
  • They are not hot or itchy but warming in winter.
  • They are flexible and fit your legs well.
  • They stay up, just below the knee and do not apply too much pressure.
  • They are an oatmeal colour that you can walk out in the street wearing them and nobody would notice anything different.
  • They are washable like any other article of clothing.
  • Their effectiveness will last at least a year, maybe much more.
  • And - they protect you from skin flaps.
  • And - they abolish your constant fear of injuring yourself.

  • So....What's the Secret of our Skin Tear Protection System?
    DERMATUff is made with Kevlar® to protect fragile legs and arms from skin tears. Thats right - DERMATUff is made from Kevlar® - the same stuff motorcyclists, and even our armed forces rely on to protect them!

    It might seem miraculous that these normal looking products prevent skin tears but they do:
    The secret at the heart of the patented design is that they are made from a very expensive, impact resistant 'hard aramid' (Technora) yarn together with nylon and woven using a looping system for more protection. Body armour uses similar materials.
    In trials in Care Homes with vulnerable residents,
    DERMATUff users experienced a 97% reduction in expected levels of skin tears. We can't promise perfect protection but we can go a long way towards it.
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    Thinning Skin
    Dermatuff - effective for thinning skin, weak skin or skin tears

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