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ARTG (TGA) No.218164 click here to download a copy of the Dermatuff brochure Dermatuff is made in the UK

To provide simple, wearable, inexpensive flexible protective clothing for those vulnerable to abnormal risks as a result of their age, physical or medical condition and occupational or leisure activities.


DERMATUff Limited was created and is managed by Peter Thornton and Nick Pitts, two business people with long term experience in innovating, developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling a wide range of products.

Peter Thornton himself has 'thin skin' and experienced many very serious skin tears and leg ulcers before recognising the need for 'skin tears protection stockings and sleeves'. Since wearing these stockings for the last three and a half years Peter Thornton has not had any leg injuries.
The product that we are now offering was developed over a period of four years with advice and assistance of many experts in the protective clothing, stocking manufacture and medical fields.

Special Mentions
Particularly we would like to mention management, staff and residents of Care Homes in the South West of England where residents took part in the trials including: Southgarth, Resthaven, Exmouth House, Manor Lodge, Cranford, Halsdown, and Palm Court.


The National Institute for Health Research in the UK has provided a 250,000 British Pounds ($460,000AUD!) grant to the royal Devon and Exeter Hospital to trial Dermatuff. The trial is andministered by Dr. Roy Powell.

Listen here to Dermatuff's inventor Peter Thornton being interviewed on February 6th 2014 on BBC Radio Devon.
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